Marie Natscheff Sales Representative

Marie Natscheff Sales Representative

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Marie Natscheff

Sales Representative

Spirited, friendly and blunt on many occasions, when it comes to real estate matters. I prefer to call it honest assessment. 

I have been honing my real estate skills since 1982, continually keeping up with current market trends and servicing clients fully, whether buying or selling. 

I love to say that I have been selling "The Great Neighbourhoods of Toronto since 1982" of which there are many.

That is the beauty of our expanding city, fantastic communities througout the Toronto core.

Bosley Real Estate has been and is a family run and owned company since 1928! A rare feat in this day and age, as more and more real estate companies are owned by conglomerates. 

What does that matter to you? Well, we are a company that prides itself on inner office co-operation, comradery, absolute professionalism and a real dedication to the real estate industry. 

We have offices in the Coburg/Port Hope area, Waterloo/Kitchener/Galt area, Niagara on the Lake and 3 offices in the city core of Toronto. Just one more point, for a global reach, we are fully connected and part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. 

Believe me, I/we have got you covered when it comes to REAL ESTATE!

Designation: B.A. B.Ed.
Education: University of Western Ontario and Toronto Teachers College
Speciality: Residential Freehold and Residential Condominiums
Area Covered: Central Toronto, East and West of Yonge St as far as the Toronto city boundaries.
Awards: Top Ten of the Merton St Office 2020, along with many other real estate accolades and awards
Experience: Mega years (not to be confused with MAGA years)

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